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A New Form of Testing in Schools: Drug Screening


Drug Testing Deception Trends (and Why They Don’t Work)


The Clearinghouse is Coming!

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Synthetic Marijuana just means Fake Marijuana, right?

Forensic scientists, DNA was extracted from hair, to identify individuals

Webinar Recap: The Latest Trend in Drug Testing – Oral Fluid Laboratory Testing


Oral Fluid Lab Testing: Webinar on May 15


Can Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Cause Positive Drug Tests?


Delaware State Court Delivers Surprising Opinion Regarding Medical Marijuana


The New Challenge for Employers: A Shortage of Applicants in a Drug Positive Environment

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CBD Oil and the Impact on Drug Tests


Top Blogs of 2018


The Latest Steps in Addressing the Opioid Crisis

Senior male researcher carrying out scientific research in a lab (shallow DOF; color toned image)

OSHA Issues Clarification of its Position on Post-Incident Drug Testing

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October 27 is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Takes Initiative in Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

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Trump’s Opioid Plan to Take a “Three-pronged” Approach


Purdue Pharma to stop Promoting OxyContin to U.S. Doctors

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Opioids are Sweeping the Nation

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5 Tips For Spotting Drug Abuse in Employees

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MRO Questions Concerning Department of Transportation January 1, 2018 Regulatory Changes