Background Screening

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Why You Should Implement a Verifications Process


What Exactly is a National Multi-Jurisdictional Criminal Search?

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The Risks of Doing Your Own Background Checks

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Social Media Screening: A Q&A with the Experts

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Should You Screen Your Summer Hires?

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The News at Six v. Pre-Employment Background Checks

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The Most Important Way to Protect Your Small Business

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Social Media Profiles Gain Attention in Pre-Employment Screening

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Can Social Media Derail Your Perfect Job Candidate?

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Three Common Background Screening Misconceptions

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Skipping the Background Screen for Temp Employees? Why You Should Reconsider


Yacht Stewardess Awarded $70.6 Million After Boat Owner Failed to Run a Background Check on Deckhand

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Common Background Screening Terms

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How Long Does a Background Screening Take?


Samba DriverMonitor


USCIS Publishes Revised Form I-9

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Verifications: a Q&A with Adrianne Babbit


5 Reasons to Run a Background Check


FTC Issues Guidance to Landlords on Using Background Reports


Baggage in the Trunk: Uber Hiring Practices