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Todd Higey to Speak at HR Houston’s Gulf Coast Symposium

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Skipping the Background Screen for Temp Employees? Why You Should Reconsider

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Takes Initiative in Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

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Trump’s Opioid Plan to Take a “Three-Pronged” Approach

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ESS Adds New Chief Strategic Officer

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California Cities to Clear Marijuana Convictions


Failure to Conduct Background Check Costs Big


Lab to Stop Promoting OxyContin


California Employers Caught Between Federal and State Immigration Laws


CEO Featured at Mentoring Monday

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Companies Combat Opioid Epidemic


ESS Welcomes Director of Premier Accounts

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Opioids are Sweeping the Nation

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5 Tips to Spot Employee Drug Abuse


5 New California Employment Laws


MRO Questions Concerning DOT Changes

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New York City’s SCDEA: Stop Credit History Inquiries

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Common Background Screening Terms

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Quest Diagnostics’s Latest Drug Study

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How Long Does a Background Check Take?