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A Quick Look into New York’s and California’s Fair Chance Employment Laws


ESS General Counsel Todd Higey to Speak at HR Houston Gulf Coast Symposium


ESS Announces Integration with Workday HR Platform


Age Discrimination and the Theory of Disparate Impact

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The News at Six v. Pre-Employment Background Checks


Oral Fluid Lab Testing: Webinar on May 15

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The Most Important Way to Protect Your Small Business

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Social Media Profiles Gain Attention in Pre-Employment Screening


A Summary of Massachusetts’s Revised Ban-the-Box Law

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Minimize Your ATS Integration Hurdles


Can Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Cause Positive Drug Tests?

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Can Social Media Derail Your Perfect Job Candidate?


California Legislature Provides Clarification for Earlier Changes to the Equal Pay Act

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Three Common Background Screening Misconceptions

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Compliance Alert: Significant Change to Background Check Consents


Integrations Simplified


Delaware State Court Delivers Surprising Opinion Regarding Medical Marijuana


The New Challenge for Employers: A Shortage of Applicants in a Drug Positive Environment


Connecticut Employment Law Now Bans Salary History Inquiries by Potential Employers

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CBD Oil and the Impact on Drug Tests