SwiftHire is a client tool offered to you by ESS. With SwiftHire, you can send screening requests directly to job applicants, students or even volunteers, rather than having to key in applicant information yourself. SwiftHire is built right into your client ordering module featuring an electronic consent form and all of the following benefits:


  • Invite applicants to self-screen by email, a link on your website or intranet
  • On-line consent is provided and captured
  • Track progress and send automatic email reminders


  • Customize the email invitations, instructions, and reminder emails
  • Allows you to either review all submissions, or have the system convert submissions directly into orders
  • Self-payment option for applicants
  • Brand the email or link with your company or school logo


  • Secure Ordering for applicants and students
  • Personal Identifiable Information entered by applicant themselves