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When it comes to drug testing, every provider is required to use chain-of-custody forms. With ESS, we’ve eliminated the 5-part paper form, and have the capability to use an electronic registration method. The cutting edge process saves on paper, makes the process faster and provides data processing that is easier and more accurate. The forms no longer have to be sent overnight which saves on time as well as shipping costs.

Each applicant or donor registers online and is assigned a registration number. They are then emailed their registration number and directions to the collection facility. Additional information is entered by the collection facility, samples are sent to the lab and information is tracked electronically so that the status can be tracked and results reported. Electronic registration with ESS can also be integrated with many HR Applicant Tracking Systems.

Electronic Registration Benefits:

  • Paperless registrations
  • Email of registrations
  • Collection of specimens
  • Reporting of results
  • Status of each step taken