Advanced Technology for Efficient and Fast Results

ESS offers advanced technology solutions that are flexible and can be customized. Technology changes quickly and ESS stays on the forefront to keep your process up to date and effective, often putting us ahead of regulatory and industry standards. ESS has placed an emphasis on developing and implementing new technology in order to maintain quick report turnaround and customer satisfaction. The key differentiators for ESS technology advances are our:

System Highlights

Deverus utilizes top of the line Dell Blade Chassis’ and Servers to power its applications. Blade architectures have a high level of scalability, manageability, and performance. Blade enclosures perform many of the non-core computing services found in most computers. Non-blade systems typically use bulky, hot and space-inefficient components, and may duplicate these across many computers that may or may not perform at capacity. By locating these services in one place and sharing them between the blade computers, the overall utilization becomes higher.
  • Easy setup and with remote management
  • Quick ramp up time for new services, capacity and resources
  • Simplified network infrastructure, power management and cooling
  • Hot swappable technology
  • 20% more performance per watt then standard rack server architectures
  • Verocity full 64-bit architecture maximized
  • 40GB uplink between blade edge and core switch
  • 40X faster than most networks
  • Removes network latency in delivering information
  • 10GB network
  • 10X faster than most networks
  • High availability, lighting fast ramp
  • Geographic separation for complete redundancy
  • Highly scalable, able to keep pace with your growth
  • Complete mirrored system with virtual servers ready to spin up in a minute’s notice to take on load
  • Low network latency
  • ISO 9001 and SSAE 16 Type II certified
  • 24/7/365 electronic and physical security
  • Multiple security checkpoints
  • Redundant UPS systems and diesel generators
  • Consistent environmental controls
  • Closed-circuit television cameras recording all data center activity
  • Raised floors and early warning fire detection systems
  • 4 tier 1 ISP backbones to carrier diverse loops
  • Enterprise firewall protection
  • Enterprise anti-virus software
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Secured Session States
  • Application Design to prevent threats such as XSS, injection, hijacking, etc
  • Real time alerts of potential malicious behavior
  • IP logging for all log in attempts and orders
  • Obscuring of personal identifiers
  • Weekly security patches
  • Consistent firmware, driver, and patch updates to servers and network components
  • Tri-level password protection at the application, database, and OS levels
  • Personnel oversight and controls
  • Change management protocols
  • 24/7/365 system monitoring by three independent monitors with real time alerts
  • Disaster recovery procedures and protocols
  • Routine security scans and penetration testing

Enhanced Features

Advanced technology at ESS includes….


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