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How Electronic I-9 Works
Our electronic I-9 simplifies the hiring process while maintaining
compliance and your peace of mind.
The ESS paperless I-9 system seamlessly integrates with instant submission
to E-Verify.


  • employee completes and electronically signs I-9
  • system reviews form to prevent errors or omissions
  • The employer reviews, uploads supporting documents and electronically signs the I-9 in the system
  • employee completes and electronically signs I-9


  • interface prompts employer to review and sign documents
  • users can view and track status of submission through real-time dashboard
  • system isolates forms with missed deadlines for easy management


  • integration seamlessly submits to E-Verify
  • receipts are created
  • interface allows for easy search, retrieval and printing
  • electronic I-9 data is secured and stored
  • export data securely for optimal compliance