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Reducing hiring risks with our wide array or services

In today’s society, it is necessary for businesses to protect both their companies as well as their employees. This has resulted in an increase in the use of background screenings as part of the hiring process. Background screenings are often referred to as a first line of defense for businesses. Having a screening process in place enables employers to make more informed decisions when hiring, and potentially prevent workplace risks such as theft, fraud, abuse and violence. Screening programs can even protect against negligent hiring.

Employment Screening Services (ESS) provides comprehensive background screenings services to companies nationwide and internationally. ESS keeps a strong focus on compliance and abides by all FCRA regulations. By combining industry experience of over 15 years with the latest technology, our solutions deliver fast and accurate results. ESS offers a broad range of different types of background screenings, such as county, state and federal criminal searches, employment and education verifications, and other screenings like social security reports and motor vehicle reports to name a few. Screenings can offer further insight into a candidate’s performance, qualifications, and character. Certain positions may require additional screenings depending on the job responsibility and level of involvement within your company. Our services are available as single searches or packages can be set up specifically for your company.

ESS solutions are web-based and provide organizations a scalable solution that works for companies of any size and addresses their diverse needs.  Results are delivered electronically in easy-to-read and customizable reports. ESS prides itself on service and our flexibility to customize solutions to ensure you receive the information needed to make informed hiring decisions.  The team at ESS aids companies in the development of screening programs. By utilizing our knowledge of industry best practices and compliance regulations, ESS identifies the background screening solutions that provide the most effective and streamlined results.

Statewide Criminal

Statewide Criminal Reports give information concerning felony and misdemeanor convictions and pending cases that are originated at the county level which are reported into a state repository. These criminal reports can help protect an employer from negligent hiring and help reduce the threat of workplace violence, theft, disruption, and other problems. Reported information usually includes offense date, nature of offense, sentencing date, disposition and current status. ESS maintains strict guidelines concerning accuracy, timeliness and thoroughness of the statewide repositories. Due to these standards, not every state will be offered to ensure the highest level of provided information.

County Criminal

County Criminal Reports give information concerning felony and misdemeanor convictions and pending cases. This search consists of a manual search of the district and circuit court records in any county in the United States. In addition, ESS maintains a network of court researchers with access to over 3500 county court houses. These criminal reports can help protect an employer from negligent hiring and help reduce the threat of workplace violence, theft, disruption and other problems. Reported information usually include offense date, nature of offense, sentencing date, disposition and current status. County Criminal Reports are available for all counties in the United States.

Federal Criminal

Federal Criminal Reports reveal criminal complaints brought by the US government against defendants for violation of federal criminal law. Federal crimes will not appear in a state or county criminal report. These crimes may include: tax evasion, embezzlement, counterfeiting, drug trafficking, bank robbery and many other “white collar” crimes. A person can also be tried in federal court if they cross state lines during the commission of a crime. These criminal reports can help protect an employer from negligent hiring and help reduce the threat of workplace violence, theft, disruption and other problems. This search lists criminal filing in any of the nation’s federal district courts and includes offense date, nature of offense, sentencing date, disposition and current status. (Included in the federal district system are Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and Northern Mariana Islands)

National Criminal (Instant US OneSearch)

The National Instant Criminal Report pulls information from the largest criminal database, available with over 600 million records covering all 50 states. This database contains information on felony convictions, misdemeanor convictions and currently registered sex offenders. This is a database search and is not to be considered a 100% complete criminal background check. Due to regulations and accreditations, ESS will validate any inconclusive information on an applicant by ordering additional searches at the state or county level.

Civil Reports

Civil Reports will provide information from the county and federal level that are typically not reported in a state, county or federal criminal report. Types of cases are major civil lawsuits, bankruptcies, disputes, and suits involving constitutional rights. Reported information will include file date, case type, plaintiff/defendant information when available and the court findings.

Education Verification

Failing to verify important information can result in having unqualified people in positions they do not deserve and affect your company’s ability to compete.  With this search, ESS will validate schools attended, diplomas, degrees, certificates and dates of attendance.

**Researching the School – just because the school confirms dates of attendance or degrees earned, doesn’t mean the verification process stops.  It’s possible to check if a school is accredited right through the U.S. Department of Education’s website.

Employment Verification

Verifies dates of employment and title/position for the applicant.  This information confirms your applicant’s resume/application, and verifies their previous employment history. ESS’ Verifications Department contacts the applicant’s past employer and asks to speak to someone who is authorized to give out employment history  –  such as the Human Resources Department, the applicant’s former Supervisor, or the companies Office Manager. At a minimum, one solid attempt is made per day for 5 days to contact the applicant’s past employer.

Reference Verification

Personal/Professional references are contacted to gather additional information about an applicant concerning competence and fitness for the job in question.  Personal references can help determine the true character of an Employee Applicant as it relates to the job opening. Professional references can help determine the applicant’s work ethic, the ability to work well with others, and the qualities the applicant possesses that relates to the job in question.

Professional License

An employer has the right, responsibility, and duty under the law, to verify an employee has all current licenses and are in good standing.  These licenses include any type of License of Credential issued by a State Licensing Board.  License verification verifies the applicant’s License Number, the date received, the expiration date, and if it’s in good standing. ESS verifies for all 50 state boards including, Accounting, Medical Doctors, Nursing, Physical Therapist, Respiratory Therapist, Occupational Therapist etc. ESS also verifies through various certification boards such as American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), American Society for Clinical Pathologists  (ASCP), and The National Board of Respiratory Care (NBRC) just to name a few.

Specialty Screenings:

  • Social Media Profile
  • Social Security Report
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • Workers’ Compensation Report
  • OFAC Report (Vigilant Search)
  • Abuse Registry
  • Pre-Employment Credit Report
  • Global Plus
  • Abuse Registry (Select States)

Industry Specific Screenings:

  • Office of the Inspector General (OIG)
  • Nurse Aide Registry
  • PSP Search
  • National Eviction Search
  • National Practitioner Database

In today’s economy, employers are looking for every advantage to be the best in their industry.  One of the most effective ways for a company to obtain the edge over competition is to recruit and hire the best employees.  Therefore, more and more companies are tapping into the global marketplace to recruit the brightest and best suited professionals.  With the increase in hiring of foreign nationals, companies face additional challenges in background screening.  ESS has the capability and experience to assist you in navigating the screening of your international applicants.

Our international services include criminal background checks and verifications of education and employment. ESS has access to records in more than 150 countries across the globe and the knowledge of requirements that differ from country to country.

Information and services available vary from country to country. Please contact us for more details regarding our international screening solutions.

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