Stay Compliant with ESSentials Compliance Tracking 
A web-based, paperless system that helps your students manage their own document (immunizations, certifications, etc.) tracking.  Our ESSentials Compliance Tracking system is customized to your specific needs, Your students upload required documents to the secure portal, keeping paper and emails away from your office and inbox. From admission to graduation, students have 24/7 access allowing the freedom and flexibility to manage their information on their time. Our medical professionals review the documentation for compliance and our technology will keep your students up-to-date with timely reminders of upcoming deadlines and expirations. You remain in control with detailed and robust reporting – monitor any student any time

Screening Services:

  • Immunization & Document Tracking
  • 24/7 Student Access
  • Secure System
  • Report Management System
  • Online Payment
  • Easy access to documents
  • System directly informs, updates
  • & monitors students

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires that all employers must verify the identity and employment authorization of their new employees after their hire date. Verif-I-9 is an automated system for collecting I-9 information from applicants and submitting the data for authentication through the SSA and DHS. With automated processing, employers are able to reduce margin of error and duplication from data entry and processing. ESS works as your designated agent with E-Verify to properly process this verification, and will help you manage requests for more information, photo verifications and referrals to government agencies. All in all, we work to make your I-9 verifications easy and seamless.

Note: Some states are requiring this verification must be completed through E-Verify, so be sure and research your state’s requirements to stay in compliance.

Swifthire is a secure, cloud-based candidate portal accessible on any web or mobile-enabled device. Our enhanced mobile capabilities streamline your process to better engage candidates throughout the screening process. With intuitive mobile functionality plus full integration with our client portal, Swifthire helps improve both internal efficiencies and candidate completion rates – thus shortening your time-to-hire. More importantly, it just makes life easier for you and your candidates.


  • Invite applicants to self-screen by text, email, or a link on your website or intranet
  • Location-based, online consent is provided and captured
  • Track progress and send automated reminders


  • Customize the application, email invitations, instructions, and reminder emails
  • Allows you to either review all submissions, or have the system convert submissions directly into orders
  • Self-payment option for applicants
  • Brand the email or link with your logo


  • Secure Ordering for applicants and students
  • Personal Identifiable Information entered by applicant themselves
How Electronic I-9 Works
Our electronic I-9 simplifies the hiring process while maintaining
compliance and your peace of mind.
The ESS paperless I-9 system seamlessly integrates with instant submission
to E-Verify.


  • employee completes and electronically signs I-9
  • system reviews form to prevent errors or omissions
  • The employer reviews, uploads supporting documents and electronically signs the I-9 in the system
  • employee completes and electronically signs I-9


  • interface prompts employer to review and sign documents
  • users can view and track status of submission through real-time dashboard
  • system isolates forms with missed deadlines for easy management


  • integration seamlessly submits to E-Verify
  • receipts are created
  • interface allows for easy search, retrieval and printing
  • electronic I-9 data is secured and stored
  • export data securely for optimal compliance

When it comes to drug testing, every provider is required to use chain-of-custody forms. With ESS, we’ve eliminated the 5-part paper form, and have the capability to use an electronic registration method. The cutting edge process saves on paper, makes the process faster and provides data processing that is easier and more accurate. The forms no longer have to be sent overnight which saves on time as well as shipping costs.

Each applicant or donor registers online and is assigned a registration number. They are then emailed their registration number and directions to the collection facility. Additional information is entered by the collection facility, samples are sent to the lab and information is tracked electronically so that the status can be tracked and results reported. Electronic registration with ESS can also be integrated with many HR Applicant Tracking Systems.

Electronic Registration Benefits:

  • Paperless registrations
  • Email of registrations
  • Collection of specimens
  • Reporting of results
  • Status of each step taken

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