The Staffing industry is comprised of a diverse group of companies, including typical staffing and recruiting firms, and non-traditional employee placement companies. These companies must protect their reputation by screening their applicants and meeting the demands of their individual clients. Employment Screening Services understands the need for fast, customizable screening services and solutions for staffing firms so they can meet the needs of their clients. We listen to our clients, educate them, and provide solutions that are fast, accurate, flexible and cost-effective to achieve those goals. Live, on-site customer service experts provide our clients with the personalized attention they require. Our account managers are highly trained, and work with companies to design complete screening solutions that are specifically tailored for each client.

Our extensive client base of staffing companies ranges from small and local to large, national companies, including general and industry-specific staffing firms. Since it is crucial that these solutions are individualized for each company, client, and/or branch, we have a customizable invoicing system to meet the needs of large and small staffing firms alike. Highly advanced technologies such as SwiftHire, a system in which the applicant fills out their own information and gives online consent, reduce the amount of time and liability placed on Staffing companies. We offer an advanced web-based system that equips users with rapid response times, allowing staffing firms to get their applicants placed faster; in many cases clients have access to results instantly. Contact us today to see how we can serve you and better meet your background screening and drug testing needs.

The list above is only an example of what staffing companies often order. ESS can cusotmize packages based on your individual clients’ needs. Contact us to learn more.


ESS offers an automated process for quickly capturing information and ordering screenings. This solution allows you to send numerous applicants the information for their screening quickly via email or from a link on your website and includes many customization options. The applicant is required to fill out their information for the screening, freeing up a tremendous amount of time for the administrator. SwiftHire utilizes an electronic consent form and even offers options for applicants to pay for the screening themselves. Progress can be tracked and automatic email reminders can be sent. SwiftHire is a powerful tool for employers and can simplify the screening process for hospitality industry employers that have high volumes.

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ESS is one of only a few providers in the industry to receive the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) Accreditation. this accreditation is expected to be the new industry “seal” looked for by companies when selecting a background screening provider and has been awarded to only a very small percentage of companies, proving a background screening organization’s commitment to excellence, accountability, high professional standards, and confirms their industry expertise. In order to achieve accreditation, a rigorous onsite audit is conducted by an independent auditing firm, and consumer reporting agencies must comply with NAPBS standards in the following critical areas:
Obtaining accurate, compliant employment background screening results depends on the expertise of the researchers. ESS employs a knowledgeable team of researchers who physically search records at local courthouses and access multiple databases to ensure that the data provided is accurate. By utilizing a practiced system of verification and quality assurance, ESS confirms and delivers the utmost accurate results.
ESS offers advanced technology solutions that are flexible and can be customized to meet the individual needs of each client. Companies choose ESS because we understand how the screening and hiring process should work and offer our technology solutions to help improve these processes. ESS places a high priority on technology and security services to help clients reduce risks in an expedited and efficient manner. Our services are entirely Web-based, which provides the most accurate and efficient transfer of applicant information. Our clients can retrieve and order reports directly from our secure client area.
Employers have discovered that ESS is dedicated to exemplary customer service. Our Account Managers and Customer Service Representatives are cross-trained in every aspect of the screening process. With a client satisfaction rate of over 98%, our clients consistently tell us that the one on one personal attention sets us apart from our competition. Developing screening programs based on our client’s needs and goals has propelled our success. Our team meets with each new client to identify any opportunities with their current process or when developing a new screening program to help determine their needs, and to provide solutions to reach their desired goals.
Rapid response time and user-friendly reports make our services even more attractive to employers. Our focus is on understanding our clients’ business goals and providing them with customized services that enhance hiring and retention. ESS understands the value of critical applicant information delivered in a timely manner. Rapid response time and user-friendly reports make our services even more attractive to employers. In many cases, clients have access to results instantly.

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