Solutions for Every Business Type

At ESS, we provide a wide range of solutions that help our clients reduce turnover, limit liability and solve problems — all while improving their bottom line. Pre-employment background checks are essential in protecting your employees, company, and its assets. Businesses need to be proactive and have a screening program in place, minimizing the risks of bringing new individuals into your organization and protecting against negligent hiring exposures. Hiring the right people is essential for the success of your company and screening is the best method of defense.

We pride ourselves on having a diverse range of solutions for any size business whether it is a single criminal screening or a customized integration with an Applicant Tracking System. With ESS, you can choose your solution by service, industry, product or technology. Our team will listen to your needs and guide you in accessing the best fit for your company. At ESS, we realize that there are many choices for screening providers. You must rely on proven expertise and accuracy of results to make informed decisions. ESS has proven methods and successful long standing relationships with a large assortment of clientele. Our vast selection of solutions ensures that employers have the correct knowledge in hand to make better hiring decisions.