CBD Oil and the Impact on Drug Tests

//CBD Oil and the Impact on Drug Tests

CBD Oil and the Impact on Drug Tests

The rampant growth of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil products has more than a few people wondering about the unintended consequences of the non-intoxicating marijuana extract.  Promoted as being beneficial for many common ailments, the use of CBD oil has become almost mainstream among those seeking alternatives to traditional medicines.

But, being mainstream doesn’t eliminate the worry when you realize your dream job is requiring a drug test at 10 am.  Can the CBD oil you used last night for your ailments actually affect employment?

CBD oil is extracted from the flower buds of the hemp plant and, if manufactured correctly, should contain low to nonexistent levels of THC, the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana.  So, unless the oil is being abused or improperly manufactured it should not cause issues with standard drug screening protocols.  Keep in mind; however, CBD oil is not regulated by the Food & Drug Administration and manufacturers could include ingredients not listed on the label.  “Each time you purchase CBD oil you’re taking a chance based on the integrity of the supplier,” explained Ashley Pfeiffer, Director of Drug Testing at Employment Screening Services (ESS).

CBD oil is approved for restricted use in 14 states, in addition to the 33 states with legal medical or recreational marijuana. Users should proceed with caution because the labels may be omitting ingredients and contents that could put you in violation of your employer’s drug policies. Remember, marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, giving employers grounds to retract employment status if the drug is displayed on a drug screen.



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