For companies today, compliments are few, complaints numerous – this is the exception. Thank you ESS.

Donna, HR Representative
Community Association Management Company

I TRULY appreciate how speedy you email me back and/or check on things for me.  I realize you must get many, many emails. Your customer service is exceptional!!  Your interactions with me have always been pleasant and professional.

Tovah, HR Director
Large Healthcare Provider

Thanks lots and a pat on the back for all the super-nice people that I've worked with at your company. Everybody is so helpful and quick about getting back to me with answers.

Denise, HR Representative
Towing Enterprise

I wanted to express my appreciation for your kindness. It is a pleasure to do business with a company who is not only successful in providing a wonderful service, but a company that gives back to their community.

Debora, Accountant
Multi-Location Bakery

I did a cost comparison and found out that we could save about 30% if we went with ESS and I would say that we've more than saved that. Probably one of the best things about the system is that it does tell you when you need to run a state here or you only need to run a county, that kind of thing. So we're not having to pay all those extra costs.

Tara, HR Manager
Diversified Industry Corporation

It's been a very, very, good experience. From our stand point, that integration helped us significantly because we were able to streamline our processes.

Suzanne, Director of HR
Large Healthcare System

We are extremely satisfied with the service we receive and have the upmost confidence in our results.  ESS has been wonderful to work with and has gone above and beyond our expectations.

Bret, Dean
Community College